Friday, April 3, 2009

Scenic class samples

I taught class again today with my very talented ladies; Edna, Bev, Elaine and Cheryl. We had great fun creating these fabulous cards.

This first scene uses a fantastic hawk from Beeswax, the farm is from Sutter and the rest of the stamps are Stampscapes. Each scene was stamped with Marvy Matchables black ink onto glossy paper from the Paper Cut.

I used Adirondack dye inks, along with Tombow markers for fine details. All ink was applied with a Colorbox Stylus.
Ground and grass: Latte, Lettuce
Distant Field: Latte
Hawk: Sandal, Ginger
Branch: Tombow 977
Barn: Tombow 837
Shading on barns and silos: Tombow N95
Sky: Cloudy Blue, Stonewashed

For this next scene, I began by stamping the bears from Sutter stamps, which I then masked with Eclipse Tape. Next came the mountains, then some rocks to continue the land that the bears are standing on, both from Sutter.

With the bears still masked I used these inks:
Water: Aqua, Pool
Mountain: Latte, Mushroom

I then removed the mask and continued to color.
Grassy areas: Lettuce
Land around bears: Latte
Rocks: Tombow 912
Bears: Tombow 977 followed by Tombow 912
Sky: Cloudy Blue, Stonewashed

The branches framing the scene top and bottom are from Stampscapes.

On to the third scene, I began by stamping the lighthouse stamp which includes the rocks and sandy dune from Repeat Impressions. The next step was to create a straight line mask for the horizon and add the water pattern from Stampscapes to fill out the water area. Next came the fence, stamped twice, just above the bottom of the scene and the sand pattern, both from Stampscapes. Time for color:
Sand: Sandal
Grass: Lettuce
Rocks: Tombow 912, Marvy LePlume 84 and then I tapped some Lettuce on top to warm them up some
Lighthouse: Marvy LePlume 28, Tombow N95
Water: Aqua, Pool
Sky: Cloudy Blue, Stonewashed

The final step was the pine branch framing the scene and the seagulls, both from Stampscapes.

For the last scene, I began by stamping the barn with wagon wheel stamp from Sutter Stamps. Masking just the barn, I added the mountains, also from Sutter behind it.

Using a small ground cover stamp, I added some additional texture in the barnyard areas. Next came color:
Barnyard: Latte
Grass: Lettuce
Barn, Fence and Wagon Wheel: Tombow 912, Tombow 977
Mountains: Latte, Mushroom
Rocks: Tombow 912 with Lettuce for shading
Sky: Cloudy Blue, Stonewashed

Final step was the branches from Stampscapes framing the scene.

Each of these cards is 4.25 x 5.5 inches. When done, I use a glossy acrylic spray to seal my work.


Linda said...

I wish I lived near you so I could take your classes. Your eagle scene is just breath taking. Thank you for sharing.

Jenny Gropp said...

Sandy, I wish you lived near me! These are all great. love the wagon wheel -- a different look for a scene.The bird is outstanding! Love 'em!

Sheila said...

Awesome Yoda simply AWESOME!!!!.
I need to get my scenics out and give them an inking..
Sheila xx