Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cheery Lynn Designs Cuties

I have had several people ask me how I use the Cheery Lynn Designs Cutie dies so I thought I would do a picture tutorial.  But first, here is a card I created; all 3 of the roses were done with Cutie dies.

Most important for creating roses is the paper you use.  I like to use text weight paper, in particular metallic because I love the shimmer.  I get mine from CutCardStock.com  You can also use light weight card stock, the lighter the better.

Step 1: Die cut your Cutie, cut it in half then glue the halves together; right sides up staggering the petals.  Be sure to keep your glue only on the bottom edge; you don't want any glue on your petals.  It should look like this.  Notice there is only one layer of paper on the right hand side, this is important.  Let dry thoroughly (very important)

Step 2:  Slide a quilling tool up the center of the first petal on the right.  The good side of the die cut is still facing up

Step 3:  Use you finger nail to wrap the end of the paper around the quilling tool and start rolling the flower up; you are rolling to the left or towards you so the good side of the die cut is on the inside.  If your bottom edge starts to buckle, you did not let the glue dry enough. Watch the petals as you roll; tuck the edges under as you go and try to keep the bottom even.  If it starts to walk down the quilling tool, just use your finger nail to push it back even.  When you get to the end, just add a bit of glue to secure the end.  Do not get glue on the petals, only on the bottom edge. 

Top view of a rolled Cutie

Side view of a rolled Cutie.  I add a bit of glue on the flat bottom just to prevent it from telescoping out.

Step 4:  Start peeling the petals down, working slowly around the flower.  As you work, you can add some curl to the petals as you go but that is optional.  And here is what the finished flower should look like.  I used Cuties 2 in this example.

I prefer to work with just half a die when rolling; it keeps the base of the flower small enough to work with.  I used Cheery Lynn Designs Cherry Blossoms under the Cuties on my card.  I also used Olive Branches, Scandinavian Heart frame and Scallop Circle XL Stackers to complete the card.  The adorable image is from Whimsy Stamps.  Finished size is 6" square.  If you need help with any of the dies from Cheery Lynn Designs feel free to contact me.


ednamburgess said...

Such a cute card and great directions for making the roses. Thanks. Edna

Sandie Edwards said...

Thanks Sandy! Great card too..

Anonymous said...

I just made one of these roses yesterday, and your tips are brilliant! Far better, than what I was trying to do! Beautiful roses! Thanks for the great tips! Amy P.

shatril said...

Thanks for the tutorial, it convinced me to buy those dies. I love making my own matching flowers and these look easy enough. The card is gorgeous as well.

Trish and Treasure said...

Love these flowers!