Sunday, January 12, 2014

Piccolo Froggy Pendant

One of this month's new releases from Globecraft Piccolo is Froggy's Foliage Accents.  I love frogs, they were some of my best friends when I was a kid.  So I just had to make a pendant with this cute little guy.  I began with an Acrylic Teardrop and it's matching frame.  There are blue plastic protective sheets on both sides of the acrylic that need to be removed.  Just work at it with your fingernail and you can peel them off.  I embossed the frame with Gilded Rose Gold enamel powder and glued it down to the teardrop.  Using a mix of Kiwi and Luscious Lime Smooch Inks I colored the Foliage Accents and then glued them down on to the teardrop. 

Next came a layer of Instant UV Resin, 3 minutes under a UV lamp or sunlight and it hardens to a beautiful glass like finish.  For my Froggy, I used Mossy Glen enamel powder, adding a bit of green cardstock behind his mouth and white behind his eyes.  I coated my frog with Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze for a lovely shine.  The last step was to color the back of the acrylic with Light Blue 3D stamp paint.  Love the sparkle from this paint.   Be sure to stop by the Globecraft Piccolo blog tomorrow for more inspiration from the team. 

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Gitte said...

It looks beautiful.