Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Piccolo Instant UV Resin Watch Necklace

When I cleaned out my Mom's house after her passing I found a drawer full of broken wrist watches, I don't think she ever threw one away.  So I decided to preserve one of them in a necklace with my Piccolo Instant UV Resin.  I began with a Rectangle Acrylic Charm; gluing some cool watch collage paper on the back.  I disassembled the watch and glued some pieces onto my acrylic.  You can see gears in the upper left as well as the lower left corners.  The face is in the upper right and the actual spring from the watch is in the center.  Once I got them placed I began to add my UV Resin.  You want to build this up slowly, curing it either in sunshine for 3 minutes or under a UV lamp for 3 minutes.  Do this between layers to avoid any pockets that won't cure.  

You can see in the photo above the wonderful depth you get from the resin and yet overall it is only about 1/4 of an inch high.  I added a nice Bail and a Silk Cord Necklace and then sponged Walnut Brown 3D Stamp Paint on the back and edges for a finished look.  What a fabulous way to preserve a family treasure.  It has an amazing glass like finish.


Bonnie Brown said...

I love your necklace!! A very unique way to preserve a memory of your mom. The resin, if I have the right word, allows each piece to pop!! Lovely!!

Gitte said...

Beautiful necklace.