Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More scenes from my stamping weekend

I am sorry I don't have color numbers for you on these scenes. I can probably guess if you really need to know how I colored something. I was too busy having fun to write them all down. This beautiful hawk and the branch in the upper right are from Beeswax, the rest of the stamps are Stampscapes. I thought I needed some critter sitting in the sandy area that the hawk is staring at but did not have anything that would be to scale. Once again I darkened my colors some as they felt so washed out next to the rest of the groups art. Displayed together on their own, they look natural and serene but when set next to the other samples from this weekend, I found I was not so happy with them.

This next scene started as one thing but grew into this very dark sunset kind of scene. I was trying to balance light and dark areas. The yellow I chose was too bright but I was kind of stuck with it, lol. Once again I was far too heavy with the white dots. I did much better with the above hawk picture. The stamping weekend was a wonderful learning experience that I will always treasure.


Jan Scholl said...

What if you used a cream color instead of white? would it make it look less intrusive to you? I like the old mill. Made me think of that song my dad sung Down by the old Mill stream.

Elizabeth said...

Fabulous scenes!! Beautiful coloring. I love the one with the hawk, but the other scene is also very beautiful. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.

Sheila said...

I love that Hawk Sandy... also liking your new blog header scene too my friend, you are a true inspiration.
Sheila xx