Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stamping with Kevin

Well, I just spent the weekend in Chicago with a bunch of talented people and Kevin Nakagawa from Stampscapes. Here is one of the scenes I worked on while there. It was inspired by a layout from Pam Klein. I don't usually add the white dots that Kevin uses so well and now looking at this, I can see why. I tend to make them too uniform, rather than free flowing and sporadic. I did quite a bit of airbrushing in the scene after I got home. Looking at everyone elses bright colors made my art look kind of washed out. So I intensified all the colors.

To the right is a Stampbord that I did. You stamp the image, then using special tools, you gouge the ink surface back off leaving the white lines. Ken Pesho was with our group and he is the master of Stampbord as well as scenic stamping. He has a wonderful DVD for sale that takes you step by step through a Stampscapes scene. I highly recommend it to any level of scenic stamper.

I have more scenes to post over the next couple of days. Happy stamping.


Jan Scholl said...

Sandy, I think this looks so serene. I want to just sit and watch the ripples in the water. I like the tiny white dots too. Feel comfortable to maybe ask Stacey to let you teach a class this fall or winter? I find this sort of stamping very intimidating and would love to learn the secrets. I have been picking up stamps here and there-it bothers me when I see scenery stamped but the images don't fit the scale. This is perfect. What is the size?

Elizabeth said...

What a fabulous scenes you've made!! You must be a happy person, that you met such talented people as Kevin and Ken.I've to learn a lot when I see all those beautiful things.

larue said...

They are just so beautiful.What a day you must have had working with Kevin. I am green with envy.
I really love this type of stamping and you have done such an awesome job with it.