Monday, September 1, 2008

Early morning visitor

I picked up this wonderful chickadee stamp from Talk About Images . This scene is 9.5 x 8 inches without the mats to accommodate this little bird that is a large stamp. Everything else in this scene is from Stampscapes. I started with the bird in the corner then added the right and left banks around him. Using the top of the Maple Trio stamp, I created the bushes at the start of the water, a tip I learned from Ken Pesho during my stamping weekend in Chicago.

For the chickadee I started with E11 Bareley Beige, then added E15 Dark Suntan to his darker parts. I decided he was too orange, so I took E02 Fruit Pink and lightened both his belly and his face. YR15 Pumpkin Yellow was added for the beak and feet. I used E35 Chamois for the branch he is on, G24 Willow for the grass blades and R46 Strong Red for the berries. The water was first colored directly with a BG01 Aqua Blue marker, but then I airbrushed both BG01 Aqua Blue and B01 Light Blue into it. The grass is G40 Dim Green over which I airbrushed YG03 Yellow Green. I also used G24 Willow in some of the blades of grass. The rocks are E70 Ash Rose. For the cabin, I base colored the entire thing with E11 Bareley Beige, then used E17 Reddish Brass on the roof. Taking E15 Dark Suntan, I shadowed the walls to give a weathered look. The sky is an airbrushed combination of B41 Powder Blue and B45 Smoky Blue. Here is another great tip. I wanted the leaves in the foreground to be really dark. Since they did not stamp out as dark as I wanted, I took C7 Cool Gray and colored over them. It is the perfect color for touching up poorly stamped solid black images. Thanks for stopping by


Sandy Knecht said...

Your picture is beautiful. I love the bird. The whole scene is so well placed and colored. I would love to be there with my camera taking the picture of that pretty bird and the peaceful water by the cabin. Great work. Thank you for sharing.

Sheila said...

This scene is wonderful Sandy, very tranquil, I'd love to be sat on the banks watching that little bird & listening to it's beautiful song.

Elizabeth said...

Very beautiful and lovely scene with the bird in front. Also the scene with the Wishing Well(nice name)is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Sandy, on becoming a Design Team member of Repeat Impressions. You deserve it - your work is always awesome and you share how-tos with everyone, too.
Linda Grady
P.S. Love the Chickadee scene.