Sunday, November 8, 2009

Northern Lights Photoscape with Stampscapes Rubber Stamps

Here is a very quick and easy Stampscapes card from my Friday class.  It has a big WOW factor!  This one was for Elaine.  She sent me a link to a very cool Northern Lights photo wondering if we could recreate it.

I found this photo of Northern Lights using Google Images search.  I sized it to an A2 then printed it onto my glossy card stock.

Then using Marvy Matchables black in, I created a hill using 251C Sedge Filler  Next came the pines, all 3 of the pines stamps I used; the single large, the double pine and the pine framing the scene, come from the same Nature Sheet 1.  Add 229A Doe and 008A Buck and I was done.  Be sure to put the buck further back to maintain proper perspective.  Total time to create the card was less than 10 minutes.


Primitive Seasons said...

Sandy: this is too cool! Would you publish a list of the stamps you think beginners should have when getting into Stampscapes? I think it might be helpful for a lot of us.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this card Sandy - love Northern Lights - Elaine

Anonymous said...

This really is a WOW card and so quick to make. We loved it. Keep up the good work.

I've found more sky pictures on Google that I like too.

Edna B.

Jenny Gropp said...

I'm with Robin. 10 minutes. I don't believe you, maybe you could come down South and SHOW us!!!!!
This is stunning, with great WOW factor.