Sunday, November 8, 2009

Winter scene for Cheryl

This is the final card we made in our class on Friday, a request from Cheryl to make a snow scene.

I began by stamping the elk from Stampin Up and then I built the scene around him using winter stamps from Sutter.  First came the Right Snow Cover F1271 in the lower right corner.  Next was the Left Snow Cover F1269 just to the left of the elk's hooves, followed by Snowy Trail D1259 just to the right and behind him.  Next came the Snowy Leaf Tree G1273 on the right angled into the scene a bit.  Then I added Snowy Fir Tree Lg F1261 to the left of his antlers, and Snowy Firs Medium D1263 above his head and about in the center.  That set of trees create the horizon line.  Then I used a very versatile stamp, Sand C972 to add some texture to the snow.  And Winter Bush D1350 across the bottom of the scene.

Next came color, using a Colorbox Stylus I added Adirondack Lights Aqua around the edges of the scene, across the horizon and every where there is ground pattern as well as clouds in the sky.  A few accents were added to the trees with Tombow marker #491, the tuft of grass with Tombow #992 and the elk and branch were colored with Tombow #977.  The final steps were to add Stampscapes Gulls 302-A to the sky and to frame the top of the scene with the pine branch from Stampscapes Nature Sheet 1

Winter scenes are quite easy, they are all about leaving white spaces and adding just light shading on the snow.  Finished size is 4.25 x 5.5 inches.


Anonymous said...

I like this winter scene so much that I ordered all the stamps to do it over again. Thanks for showing it. Edba B

luizepootje said...

Wow, Sandy, this is really wonderful! Lovely scene. Thanks for sharing. Kind regards, Lucy

Bonnie Brown said...

I love this scene and you used other stamps. Outstanding job!

Trena in Naperville said...

I dig this scene!! Are you teaching on Thanksgiving? :o) That's when I'll be in Michigan. I know I'll have to catch you another time - perhaps a summer class.

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Shawne said...

Oh wow, I love this blog, I really love stampscapes and your tag tutorial was awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed it this morning! Thank you! How I wish I had time now to pull out my stampcapes! LOL!