Friday, June 6, 2008

Cabin in the woods

I created this scene with 2 of my new Repeat Impressions stamps. the footbridge and the stream. I stamped By the Stream on the bottom first, then placed the Footbridge. Next was the cabin and pines, then I just filled in around them. I used Stampscapes Sedge Filler to create the grassy area under the cabin as well as filling in the areas to the sides of the stream. The fox is from Stampin' Up. The sky was airbrushed in with 2 shades of blue, B32 Pale Blue, then I added B34 Manganese Blue around the edges. I started the water with BG000 Pale Aqua, being sure to leave some white areas. Then using BG01 Aqua Blue, I created some darker areas which I blended in by again using the lighter BG000. The cabin was colored with E97 Deep Orange, I created the shadows by adding layers of the same color. I used a Sepia Copic Mulitliner to color the rails on the bridge, the fences and the window trims. I base colored the fox with E11 Bareley Beige then shadowed with E97 Deep Orange. The grass is base coated with G40 Dim Green, shadowed with G82 Spring Dim Green and G24 Willow, then blended with G40. As an after thought I added some Y15 Cadmium Yellow to the grass below the cabin, again blending with G40. As usual, my rocks are a combination of E70 Ash Rose, E71 Champagne and E11 Bareley Beige. Hope you enjoy my creation. Thanks for stopping by.

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Anonymous said...

Another beautiful and well thought out card. I'm looking forward to seeing you work with your Copic markers in Chicago. Anne