Sunday, June 8, 2008

Saturday scenery

From my visit to the Repeat Impressions booth at the Stamp Scrap Art show, I purchased a few animal stamps. I created this scene around the swimming beaver. Using Stampscapes Waterside Bluffs I stamped the banks, extending the bank on the right by using a stamp positioner, some masking and repeat stamping of the Waterside Bluff right. Then came the truly challenging part, the trees across the top. I used Stampscapes Maple Brook but it stops in about the center of the paper, so once again using my stamp positioner, I extended it to meet my needs. The bushes on the right center were made using Stampscapes Maple Pair and Maple Trio, just masking off their trunks. Very useful stamps for filling in blank spaces. The sky was airbrushed but all other color was applied with Copic markers. Because there was quite a bit of marker work and stamp positioning, this scene took a few hours to complete.

Using another Repeat Impressions stamp, Great Blue Heron I came up with this peaceful scene. I stamped the heron first and masked him off. Next came the coves behind him, then I built the rocks in the foreground. Added some water pattern, airbrushed the water and the sky and then colored in the rest of the scene. Total time for completion of this scene was 1 hour. Cutting a mask is time consuming but well worth the effort. I use Eclipse masking tape. And here is a tip for you, if I mask off an area, stamp over it and then have a bare spot when I remove my mask, I simply take my Copic black multiliner and fill in the bare area matching the pattern. In the case of this scene, when I removed my heron mask, I had a little bit of a halo around the top of his head where the water pattern was missing. I just simply drew it in. Problem solved. Both scenes are half sheets of paper measuring 8.5 by 5.5 inches.


Sandy Knecht said...

Both scenes are awesome Sandy. You have such a way with colors and composition. You are a natural.

Silvia said...

All your cards are amazing, but these two (and the haunting house)are my favorits!