Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Copic Markers

During my recent stamping weekend with friends, we did a lot of work with Copic markers. Since I talked all of them into purchasing the markers, I wanted them to get more comfortable using them. We used this wonderful daisy stamp from Rubbernecker Stamp Company Stamping with Tsukineko Memento Tuxedo Black ink onto Curious Cryogen White paper, we began to color. You do not need to heat set Memento ink, you can stamp immediately and not get any smearing or bleeding of the ink. It is a fabulous product. I had them each chose a light and dark petal color, in my case I chose Y23 Yellowish Beige for the light and Y17 Golden Yellow for the dark. I then colored the entire petal with the light color, added some dark for shading, then came back with the first lighter color and blended them together. In some areas I may even pick up some of the darker color with the tip of my light color and apply the ink, starting in the dark areas and pulling the color out into the light area. For the leaves, I laid down a base of Y15 Cadmium Yellow then applied YG25 Celadon Green. BG000 Pale Aqua was used for the background in long smooth strokes. The center of the flowers and the border around the background were colored with YR24 Pale Sepia to finish it off. Because I got an ink splobber on the white paper, I used my texture brush (looks like a pot scrubber on a stick) and pounced Adirondack Ginger ink around the edges. I took my airbrush system along with me and we had great fun with that as well. Each of my friends has now decided they need the airbrush as well, lol.


Sandy Knecht said...

Your picture is beautiful, Sandy. I'm glad you got an ink slobber. Your addition with the ginger ink is perfect.

pmoore8 said...

It was quite an expensive weekend. I'm still waiting for the compressor to come lol. Thanks for the inspiration.