Sunday, June 29, 2008

Coloring with a Copic blender pen and a palette

For this tutorial, I have taken the same 4 steps as the previous post but instead of applying ink direct to the paper, I used an old CD as a palette and applied my ink with my blender pen. So...
Step 1, I scribbled G24 Willow onto my palette and picking up some ink on the tip of my blender pen, starting at the edges of the image, I dragged the color into the center of the leaf. Because I will be adding several more layers of ink, I don't worry too much about it being even. You will notice it has a watercolor kind of feel to it, that is because you are diluting the color with the blender pen
Step 2, I scribbled G28 Ocean Green onto my palette and again applied color starting from the outer edges, pulling into the center. I noticed the Ocean Green tends to dilute to a more blue color when mixed with the blender pen.
Step 3, once again I picked up G24 Willow from my palette using the blender pen and added it over top of pretty much the entire image
Step 4 (optional) I scribbled Y15 Cadmium Yellow onto my palette and applied it mostly over the center of the image.
The finished image has much softer colors than the previous sample that was done markers direct to paper. So if you like a soft watercolor feel to your coloring, this technique would work for you. However, it is much more time consuming. Also, remember to roll the tip of your blender pen across clean paper and any ink residue will disappear.
Now that you have tried this, you should realize that you can create custom blends by picking up several colors from the palette and adding them to your paper. Or if you have a limited amount of colors, apply your first coat with the blender/palette technique, then use marker direct to paper of the same color for your darker shading. With this leaf, I added a base of G24 Willow using the palette/blender pen method. Then marker direct to paper, I added the same color G24 Willow around the edges and over the veins. Then I came back with blender/palette G24 Willow to blend them in. As the final touch, I added blender/palette Y15 Cadmium Yellow. So I basically got the same effect but only used 1 green. I hope you have found these tutorials helpful. Leave me a comment and let me know.


Sandy Knecht said...

That looks fabulous Sandy. Thanks for the step by step and the colors used. I'll try it when I get my florals out.

Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous! I just signed up to recieve your blog, and I am new to using copics. I really appreciate you giving detailed tips about using copics, and in particular, what specific colours you have used in a project so I have a better idea what to purchase and how to blend.

Thanks so much for sharing your your knowledge.

debzi333 SCS